Busy Start for Organic Farm Systems

It’s been a busy start for a new business – I’ve been working flat out with a number of clients across sheep, beef, dairy and cropping since start up in June. There’s also all the usual new business stuff to deal with – like “blogs”.

There has also been a number of events for natural, biological and organic farmers around the country that I have attended.


There was a good turnout at the field day at Bryan and Jackie Clearwaters property at Peel Forest, with guest speakers Phyllis Tichinin and Graham Shepherd. (top)

Early in the year the Southern Organic Group farm discussion group meet near Dipton to look over a dairy farm that has started to convert to organic operation. (below) There is another event coming up next week with the Southern Organic Group on Thursday the 9th of November which features Graham Shepherd. Contact me for more details…

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