New Year Update 2021

Hi Everybody and welcome to the New Years update. Well Christmas and New Years raced on by and all of a sudden its February 2021 – a race I guess to leave 2020 behind.

Well the end of last year saw me assisting New Zealand Organic Meats (NZOM) in growing the New Zealand organic meat marketplace. The major players in our meat industry chose in their infinite wisdom to reduce there interest in organic meat processing despite the continuously increasing international demand – even through the 2020 year of Covid.

NZOM has leapt into the breach to coordinate supply and processing in a collaborative effort with our ANZAC cousins in Australia and Australian Organic Meats. That saw a quick trip around the North Island to touch base with as many organic farmers that I could. In 2021 that effort continues and there is strong demand for organic meat which NZOM continues to try and source for these lucrative export market. If you are USDA NOP certified for organic meat we have strong demand – please get in touch.

The new irrigation reservoir on Finca el Paraiso, Ecuador

Early 2021 has seen the continuation of the work I have been doing in Ecuador (remotely) and is likely to lead to a significant shift in focus towards more sustainable rural development work for myself and Organic Farm Systems. The more work I do there only highlights how fundamentally broken the “modern” agricultural system is, and how the wealth of the international agricultural systems and companies has been based on manipulation and abuse of rural communities globally.

A local NGO visits Finca el Paraiso in Ecuador
Senor Andres and visiting NGO staff

A reminder to everybody that the Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group ( ODPG ) AGM is coming up on the 21st and 22nd of March at Waihi.

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