Webinar with Dr Christine Jones

Hey folks, my friend and globally renown soil scientist Dr Christine Jones is hosting a public webinar on Sunday the 23rd of August. The “Fundamentals of Soils” masterclass is a fund-raiser for the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op.

Dr Christine Jones on a previous New Zealand visit

The format will be a 45 minute introduction covering how the use of plant diversity and biostimulants in place of monocultures and high-analysis fertilisers enable soils to function at their best. Slides will be followed by 45 mins of Q&A. All questions submitted during the webinar will be answered, if not during the class, then after.

In addition to explaining how plants extract beneficial genetic material from the soil microbiome in biologically active soils she will also be discussing the activation of nif genes (for free-living N-fixing) through quorum sensing. This enables plants growing in healthy, biodiverse soils to obtain all the N they need in the absence of legumes (or high-analysis fertiliser).

The Masterclass will go to air on Sunday August 23rd, 11am eastern Australian time. That will be 1pm here in Aotearoa.

People not able to participate at that time can pre-register and access the recording later …. as many times as they like. However, the MasterClass will not be accessible once registrations have closed. Sorry, I’ve already taken one spot…..see you there.

Here is the link …


The cost is $35.

Here’s the Facebook link ………….



Some of the crowd last time Christine was here.

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