Great days with Dr Christine Jones

This week South Otago had a special visitor with acclaimed Australian soil scientist Dr Christine Jones here for two events. On Tuesday nearly 200 farmers attended a Beef and Lamb New Zealand hosted events at Clinton where Dr Jones spoke on regenerative farming practices. Dr David Stevens of New Zealand research institute AgResearch also contributed some local research findings.

Dr Christine Jones presentation Clinton (photo H.Bielski)

Farmers from all across the southern South Island attended.

Some of the crowd at Clinton

This was followed by a field trip to Hamish and Amy Bielski’s property between Balclutha and Clinton. Hamish has been experimenting with various pasture cropping and diverse multi species pastures, with the hope of reducing chemical and fertiliser inputs, restoring land function and increasing on farm profitability.

The crowd explore a winter feed paddock consisting of Kale, Hairy Vetch, Fava Bean, Ryecorn, Tillage Radish, Crimson Clover, Persian Clover and Sunflower
Close up of winter crop. Yield estimate 9t DM/Ha.



Wheat direct drilled into a timothy based pasture.

On Thursday a more in depth day with Christine was held in Balclutha. This allowed the sell out crowd of 50 to delve deeper into some of the processes and more discussion on the grazing aspects of regenerative farming. Those that had not done had a look at Hamish’s various pasture and crop trials afterwards.

Balclutha day with Christine “making life from light”
Multi species pasture – Timothy, Cocksfoot, Brome’s, Lucerne, Plantain, Chicory, Clovers + more

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